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Who are we?

AGIA-ornamentals is a Dutch based company active in consultancy and international agency activities in the field of ornamentals in broad sense.

AGIA-ornamentals (AdriGillissenInternationalAgency) was established by Adri Gillissen in January 2010 as a one-man operation to combine his international activities of networking and product introduction and promotion. More than 30 years of experience in international marketing and product management for flowerseed companies are the basis for this network and expertise.

AGIA-ornamentals is particularly active in scouting new varieties and products for the Asian ornamental floricultural market especially Japan. And visiting Asia several times a year it provides great opportunities for European based breeders to introduce and promote their product to the Asian market and build up local distribution.

But AGIA-ornamentals is more than just flowers: activities expanded also into the ‘ornamentally used’ potted vegetables for home use and also strawberries from seed for ornamental and fresh market. AGIA-ornamentals is representing several companies in America and Asia.


Who are we? Representations Contact